• Walls and Ceilings
  • Door and Trim painting
  • Kitchen or Bath cabinet painting

                                                  and we also repair Drywall  

We understand that this is your home and our responsibility includes treating it with respect as well as doing the repair and painting.  We can handle all your painting and repair needs from one room to the whole house.  

  • Consultation
    • Provide an estimate
    • Help choosing your colors
  • Preparation
    • Moving of your furniture 
    • ​Cover plates, HVAC grills and light trim rings are removed
    • Cover all items left in the room with new clean plastic
    • ​Cover your carpets and flooring with tarps
    • Holes and cracks are filled and repaired
  • Application
    • High quality Sherwin Williams paint professionally applied to a uniform finish
  • Wrap up
    • ​Replace furniture
    • Sweep or vacuum
    • Replace all covers and grills 

​​Painting Services

From beginning to end we work with you to refresh and make improvements you want to your home and make sure you are comfortable with us in your home and pleased with the results.  Just in case you need more than painting we can do that too, from changing light fixtures to removing and adding walls!

Nobody wants to just let anyone into their home.  With HouseMasters you're not.  We make sure all our technicians have been screened and have had background checks to insure that they have both the experience to do the job right and  to insure that the person coming into your house can be trusted around you and your family. You will know who we are when we arrive because we come to your home in clean brightly marked vehicles proudly bearing the HouseMasters brand. Technicians are recognizable as well because they are dressed neatly and also wear uniformed shirts so you know who you are talking to.  You can rest assured knowing that HouseMasters is fully insured.  We stand behind our work and want our customers to be happy.  We know you have a list of things you need to get done and we want to be the ones you will call back time and time again.  All our labor is guaranteed for a full year!